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Note of the artist

The creative fabric, traversing through the energetic fluid of my darkness like plastic imaginary currents of a dreamed brain, in constant metamorphosis, seemed to me almost a gigantic projection of my own thought, the homeland of my visions truly existing outside in such a way that I could identify with everything around as a transcendental union.

My almost transparent configurations, almost organic and dreamlike, arise from the subconscious as such vital constructions of the universe.

Starting from my experiences in the deep abysses of the Andean Mountain Range of Chile, with its mists, storms and darkness reminiscent of fantastic worlds in continuous metaphorical explosions, where the difference between lived reality and imaginary reality disappears.

Where the winter of our thoughts flourish and mature quickly, transforming into an infinite creative vortex.

With the reality of these places we have taken possession of each other.

Mauricio Stella

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