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Luciano Diaz writes about Mauricio Stella

Stella's work is not a casual element as a self-taught amateur; every single element is conceived, built, destroyed, transformed to bring out a new order.

It is like looking inside a kaleidoscope, where the mirrors that reflect the images are our thoughts, with an ancient or sometimes distant flavor. How far the South of the South and its people have disappeared in the forgetfulness of the forest and in the agony of our memory.

Only a few reflections trembling in the deep subconscious, where the metamorphosis and the created nature manage to find themselves with that arcane thought in the placenta of time long before being born as evanescent shadows in the fog of our memories.

The works of the artist Stella are dreamlike and delusional in colors.

His large canvases that evoke a "subsoil" drunk with strange images, presences of impact and feverish creatures, barely show us his thought of the current man, the one who, with his daily tragedies, hides his true broken face and stunned in the face of his own drama ... "living for a piece of the world, there are others outside ...".

His creations of opulent blends and traits of irreverent gestures remind us of the post-war German expressionists.

But his very personal language goes far beyond the gross social denunciations of these ancient Masters. "His work represents a much more intimate gesture."

We are facing a poetic appeal, of contained violence and sweetness of memories.

Prof. Luciano Diaz - Faculty of Pictorial Arts University of Chillan (Chile)

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